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Unemployed? Here's What You Should Be Doing!

While a number of countries in the Asia-Pacific region continue to experience economic growth, much of the Western world is still recovering from a severe global recession.

In the United States and Europe, recent graduates are battling an extremely difficult and competitive job market. Even some of the most qualified applicants are struggling to secure job interviews.

So what do you do?

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Some job seekers are told to focus on quantity (of applications) over quality. The logic behind this being - the more lines you cast, the more likely you are to get a bite.

Though this strategy may be effective for some, a recent article from CareerRealism.com suggests otherwise. The article, published by ZipRecruiter, argues that pumping out 100's of substandard applications for jobs you may not be qualified for may not be the best course of action. Rather, the author encourages job seekers to spend their unemployed hours making themselves more hireable.

So in the spirit of helping job seekers find work, here is a list of 6 Things You Should Be Doing If You're Unemployed. We took the list generated by CareerRealism.com and elaborated just a tiny bit on their original suggestions:

1.) Volunteer

  • Whether you are interested in visiting Nepali villages through Volun-Tourism, or simply spending time at your local homeless shelter, volunteering will make you a better person. Helping others not only enriches your resume - it enriches your soul.

2.) Keep Your Skills Current (Or Develop New Ones)

  • Have an understanding of where you want to work and what skills are required for that position. Today's digital world is always changing. Stay current by developing a technological understanding and other marketable skills to succeed in today's economy.

3.) Network

  • We can't say this enough. Never underestimate the value of networking. The vast majority of people get their jobs through networking. For more information about the value of networking, check out blog post:

4.) Freelance

  • Gaining some part-time or freelance experience is a great way to exhibit your abilities to potential full-time employers.

5.) Build An Online Presence

  • Taken from CareerRealism.com:

"Get found online. Start a blog, spruce up your social network profiles, create an online portfolio to showcase your work. Find companies you’re interested in working for, subscribe to their blogs, and follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Find decision-makers at those companies and follow them as well. Learn what they’re talking about, do a little research, and then engage with them online. Impress them with your interest and insights.

Worst case scenario — you’ll learn what’s important to them and use this information to customize your application when a job opens up.

Better case scenario — you’ll establish a rapport with someone who will recommend you for a position and/or tell you about unpublished openings.

Best case scenario — you’ll impress someone so much over time that they’ll create a job for you or bring you in for an exploratory interview."

6.) Explore Internship Options

No luck finding full-time employment? Perhaps you should consider exploring some internship options. Internships are probably the best way to get your foot in the door of a company or industry. Get in2 China offers qualified and motivated young people the chance at securing an industry-specific internship in China.

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