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Our own Thomas Araneta on China Radio International

Our very own Thomas Araneta was featured on China Radio International recently during an ‘Expat Tales’ segment. Thomas is our Internship Program Officer at Get in2 China. He handles many of your inquiries, applications and informs you of what you can expect living in China and how to get the most of your China internship program.


Thomas tells host Jules Page that ever since the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, “the world has realized, ‘Wow, China is the future,’” which he says explains why the country has become an increasingly desirable destination to do an internship.

The benefits to doing an internship in Beijing or an internship in Shanghai is the “experience” you’ll have, adding “everyday will surprise you.”

When Thomas isn’t busy at the Get in2 China office, he’s studying Mandarin – daily.

“It’s really tough. I go to work in the morning for eight hours and I’ll go to class for two – I’m tired, but my teachers are really encouraging, they really push me, and that’s what matters to me.”

Thomas may be tired with his heavy work and study loads, but living in Beijing makes it all worthwhile.

“You can’t describe it. It’s not the prettiest in my opinion, but it’s definitely the most cultural I’ve ever felt, and it’s the center of China. The hutongs are exciting and mysterious. Most of all, it’s where everything happens.”

You can listen to Thomas’ full interview with China Radio International here.

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