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International Media Coverage of China

Earlier, we wrote a blog post listing some of the top local news sources in China you might want to keep an eye on to get a sense of what's happening in the country. At Get in2 China we feel being up-to-date on the latest news in China is a great way to get the most out of your internship program in China and your time in the country.

Given that China is, well, China, it's only naturally that major international news organizations have carved out a presence here. The Middle Kingdom's social, cultural and economic development have seized the attention of news organizations around the world. China used to fall under the 'Asia' banner on news sites. Not anymore. For many of the news organizations below, China is a separate section all on its own.

Below, we've listed some of the international news media with a decided focus on China.

ImageWall Street Journal - China Real Time. Unfortunately, the Wall Street Journal Asia is behind a pay wall, but its blog China Real Time fortunately is not, and they post items there daily that are definitely worthwhile reads. Also, although the WSJ Asia is behind a pay wall, some of its articles on China are free. There's also a WSJ Asia app for your phone.

The Economist. Last year the Economist created a section devoted entirely to China. No surprise there. As you would expect, the writing is in depth and full of Economist wit.

The Guardian. A perennial favorite among left-wing media, the Guardian's section on China is excellent, complete with video, photos, features and the latest news. At least half-a-dozen stories are posted daily, making the Guardian a definite go-to source on China.

The New York Times. Yup, the Times is blocked in China, for now. But, with your Get in2 China-provided VPN, you can access the news site hassle free. The NYT has a widespread presence in the country, covering everything from hard news to features on the social and cultural changes underway in the Middle Kingdom. The site is also behind a pay wall, but you do get access to 10 free articles a month. Consider having the NYT send daily China alerts to your inbox.

CNN. Another site with a section devoted to China, CNN's got the latest on food,
travel, business and more, with photos and video.

Reuters. Long known for breaking international news, Reuters has extensive China coverage. A particularly great source for the latest business news.

BBC. Check out the BBC's China page for some excellent features.

Le Monde. If you read French, visit Le Monde's China page.

Finally, a great way to keep up on the latest is by creating a 'China' Google alert. You'll get the latest China news - from both local and international sources - sent directly to your email inbox.

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