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"Go East, Young Man"

China Daily, an English language newspaper in China, recently featured an article from Erik Nilsson and Thomas Hale titled, "Go Easy, Young Man."


China Daily - "Go East, Young Man"

The article, published nearly one year after  the New York Times published an identically titled article, discusses the growing trend of young Westerners heading to China for adventure and opportunity. As the article quips, "They come for the adventure. They stay for the jobs."

Human Resource professionals agree that gaining work experience in China is a smart tactic for Westerners. Professional work experience in China may prove not only meaningful but also marketable when you return home.

The China Daily article featured stories from a handful of young professionals living and working in China, lured to the East by a promising economic environment and a sense of mysticism. This is certainly not the first time in history that young people have been drawn to economically prosperous regions, in-fact it happens all of the time, especially during tough times at home. A 23 year-old Canadian featured in the China Daily article likened today's China to 20th Century Spain:

"China's like the Wild West but on the other side of the world. China has become the destination for the new 'Lost Generation' to seek adventure."

adventure in beijing

In contrast to the collection of stories featured in China Daily, "Go East, Young Man" as published by the New York Times, is an opinion editorial from Jonathan Levine, an American in his early 20's. It is a singular account of the authors decision to ditch the poor performance of the US economy for the opportunity that awaited in China. He moved to Beijing and now works at Tsinghua University as a lecturer in American studies and English.

These are the types of stories that motivate Get in2 China to keep delivering qualified young people from all over the world the opportunity to gain industry-specific work experience in Beijing and Shanghai. Our internship program in Shanghai and Beijing has led to a number of similar success stories for Westerners who "favored the bold," and decided to pack up and head east. China does indeed hold both opportunity and adventure, and we want to be the organization that helps introduce you to both.

JulyOrientation4China is still undergoing a historic infusion of new ideas and opportunities. This is another reason why we feel our work is so critical. Not only is experience in China extremely valuable for foreigners looking to advance their professional prospects, but if China is to continue to grow and lead the global economy, it must embrace new perspectives and outside talent.

Entrepreneurs, experts, artists, innovators, creators, and leaders in commerce and creativity - they must understand China and China must understand them.

So if you fall in to any of the above categories, or if you are simply looking for some opportunity and adventure, perhaps now is the time to "Go East, Young Man..."

China Daily Go East Young Man

We will be here to greet you.


Get in2 China Team

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