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Local China News Sites

At Gi2C, we want you to get the most out of your internship and stay in the Middle Kingdom. We encourage you to learn the language - even if only the basics – through our Mandarin Chinese program, and we arrange a number of social, cultural and business events to help build upon your experience and strengthen your ties to China. Knowledge is power. And the more you know about China, the better.

Below, we've listed some of the top English-language local news media covering China. Many of these sites also have French, Spanish, Russian and other language sections. Regardless of your opinion of Chinese state-run media, local news sources are an excellent way to understand China from a Chinese perspective. Chinese people follow news in their country closely, and you'll certainly impress your colleagues if you can site some of the major news stories coming out of Beijing, Shanghai and across the country. Next week, we'll include a list of some foreign new media with a comprehensive focus on China, and later we'll take a look at some of the best China blogs out there.



Xinhua New Agency

This is no doubt the top news source in China. Xinhua is sited frequently in international and local news media because if the central government has major news to break and transmit, Xinhua's often the first to know about it. The site also has an excellent selection of news videos. Versions are available in French, Russian and other languages.


When Chinese people watch television news, they tune to CCTV. But the website too is rich in content and offers a wide selection of documentaries on, what else, China. The CCTV website is an excellent source for videos on life, culture and travel. Also, if you want to test your Chinese comprehension, head to the Chinese site and watch a replay of the day's news.

Global Times

This fiercely nationalistic news site has built up a reputation for itself over the past few years since its English-language version was born. And, Global Times isn't afraid to strike a jab at the authorities either. The news source has also won praise from the international news media for its in-depth journalism, and its business reporting is quite strong. There's even a separate news section each for Beijing and Shanghai. Be sure to check out the opinion pages as well. You can also download the Global Times' app for your smartphone and find a copy in print.

China Daily

China Daily is distributed throughout China, Europe and the United States. It’s also widely quoted in the global news media. This source has the latest on business, transportation and travel. Its tone isn't as fiery as that of the Global Times, and sometimes the writing can be dull. Nonetheless, China Daily remains a good news source for the latest on China. Expect to see copies of China Daily on most flights to the country.


While serious in tone like all the above, China.org.cn also has a lighter side with its top 10 lists, which are fun to read. There's also a section for learning Chinese, and their travel section is strong too. Definitely worth a check in from time to time.

Shanghai Daily

In addition to providing the latest news around China, the Shanghai Daily has a separate website called iDeal Shanghai for all the latest on shopping, restaurants, nightlife, events, etc. in China’s most international city. If you’re planning to do your internship in Shanghai with the Get in2 China Group, take note!

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