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New Program and Pricing Change Announcement

Customers, Friends, Former and Current Interns:

Greetings from China!

We would like to inform you about some important developments regarding our China Internship Program structure and pricing.

The team at Gi2C exists for the purpose of providing qualified young people the chance for personal and professional development in China. For years we have offered our services at lower prices than our competitors.

This will not change.

But as modern China continues to evolve and develop, so must our company. As such, we are excited to announce some profound changes to the program packages we offer.

Below find updated information regarding our “Only Internship Placement + Orientation” and “International Internship ProgramChina Internship Programs.

Duration 1 Month 2-3 Months
Total Cost 998 USD 1698 USD

* Optional 4 hours/week of Chinese language classes can be added for an additional fee of 248 USD per month.

Duration 1 Month 2-3 Months
Total Cost 2998 USD 3698 USD

* Optional 4 hours/week of Chinese language classes can be added for an additional fee of 248 USD per month.

Before we talk about what has changed, we will first talk about what has stayed the same.

Since our team is still committed to providing qualified candidates with an affordable and completely customizable internship experience, we decided to keep our “Only Internship Placement + Orientation” placement option. This is the ‘bare-bones’ package.

We get you the internship, we help get you the visa, and then you are on your own. While this program may not be suitable for many clients, there are some ‘budget-conscious,’ China-savvy, or ‘rogue’ candidates who prefer this option.

So what has changed?

The biggest change we made involved replacing our “International Internship Program Package,” with an upgraded “All-Inclusive” option.

The main addition to the new “International Internship Program” package is the inclusion of four weeks accommodation at an awesome serviced apartment in downtown Beijing or Shanghai. Yes, a serviced apartment. That means  daily cleanings as well as fresh towels and linens. While you are adjusting to life in China and preparing for success in your internship, we don’t want you to even have to think about making your bed. We’ll take care of it.

In addition to including a four week stay in a high quality apartment, we have decided to place a greater emphasis on connecting interns through social and professional events. Our offices in Beijing and Shanghai will both have an English-speaking staff member dedicated to arranging a host of social and cultural events as well as business lectures. This means more intern happy hours and weekend travel adventures.

We have also narrowed our focus to providing internships between 1-3 months. This is result of more interns receiving full-time offers from host companies after completing the first 2 months of their internships. We want this trend to continue.

Since we understand that our success as a company is reliant upon your success in the workplace, we must understand you. Taking into  consideration the feedback provided from our past clients, we have focused on targeted areas to improve our services.

Let us know if we have done a good job by stopping by our Facebook page or sending us an e-mail at: info@gi2c.org

Thank you for your understanding and support. We will leave you with a quote that we happen to enjoy at the Getin2China offices:

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” -Neale Donald Walsch


Getin2China Team


Yuri Khlystov


The Get in2 China Team

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