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On Tour: Sonoma State University (California)

October 2nd, 2012 - Sonoma State University Go Global Study & Work Abroad Fair

In the United States, and throughout most of the world, the Sonoma County in California is regarded as a premier wine producing region. But Gi2C didn't visit this fertile valley to sip Syrah or uncork Cabernet - we came to talk to the students of Sonoma State University about exploring the opportunity of doing an internship in China.

Having come from the Go Global Expo in Canada, Roshni and I were ready to keep the momentum going.

Unfortunately we had lost Adam, our fire-breathing mascot.

However, we did pick up two more fellas from the airport in San Francisco...


Ben and Yuri - Get in2 China's Founders and General Managers. Fresh off the plane from Beijing, China, Ben and Yuri were ready for their first visit to the United States of America.


Our afternoon at Sonoma State proved to be incredibly enjoyable, albeit scorching hot! Temperatures went all the way up to 100 degrees as a huge heat wave spread across the state of California. SSU provided exhibitors with the awesome "globe" umbrellas to help shield the sun-rays.

We even spotted our friends from GoAbroad.com!

After we finished our day at Sonoma State University - and while Ben fell fast asleep in the back seat of our rental car - Roshni and I snuck off to see what Sonoma County is all about, the wine!

Pictured above is the gorgeous property belonging to Paradise Ridge Winery in Santa Rosa, California. What a remarkable place! Though Sonoma County is flush with excellent winery's and vineyards, I strongly encourage any wine enthusiast to stop by Paradise Ridge. Not only was the wine exceptional, particularly the Chardonnay, but the property was breathtaking and scattered with interesting works of installation art. The owner of the vineyard is an art enthusiast and each year he invites artists to set-up installations on his property.

The guy with the mustache? That's Bob. Bob was the man. He was helpful, knowledgeable, and provided us with a fantastic introduction to the wonders of Paradise Ridge Winery. Thank you for your hospitality, Bob.

Most importantly, thanks to Sonoma State University for letting us exhibit on their beautiful campus.

Up next, University of California at Davis.

Much <3

Get in2 China Team

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