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On Tour: Canada's Go Global Expo! (Toronto/Montreal)

"Travel With Purpose"

That is the message communicated by Verge Magazine. In order to spread their message and deliver opportunities to the doorstep of their readership, Verge Magazine produced the Go Global Expo with various stops throughout Canada.

The Go Global Expo is an event designed students and graduates to meet with organizations that offer meaningful travel opportunities.

Work Abroad - Study Abroad - Volunteer Abroad

These areas were the focus of this years event. Oh, and don't forget Intern Abroad, as Gi2C was there to represent. Go Global Expo in Toronto was the first stop on our North American Recruitment Tour.

First Stop: Toronto, Ontario

Widely considered to be one  of the most international cities in the world, Toronto is a place where people from all walks of life converge. Upon arriving, we could not wait to check out Toronto's "China-Town," one of the largest in North America.

After spending hours walking around the streets, shopping in authentic Chinese-style markets, and sampling some delicious snack food, we headed back to the hotel to rest up for the kick-off of the Go Global Expo in the morning.

Since I keep saying, "we," it would probably be best for me to introduce who "we" is - the Get in2 China team. Check out our picture below:

That's me in the middle, Scott, your narrator of this travel adventure and Communications Director at Get in2 China Group.

Who is the lovely lady next to me?

Well, that's Roshni. She is one of the main forces behind Get in2 China's North American Recruitment efforts. The green furry guy on my right is Adam. During the day, Adam is an accountant at Price Waterhouse Coopers in New York City. At night, he doubles as Get in2 China's fire-breathing mascot.

Once more, from left to right: Adam - Scott - Roshni

Over the course of two days - September 22nd and September 23rd - we were fortunate enough to have to opportunity to talk face to face with hundreds of motivated young people about the benefits of completing an internship in China. Verge Magazine put on an incredible event, helping educate and empower the thousands that showed up to learn about opportunities abroad.

Both days of the Expo in Toronto were a complete blast for us; we had so much fun meeting so many new people. Below are some more photos from our time in Toronto:

Click here to view more photos from Go Global Toronto on our Facebook Page!

Next Stop: Montreal, Quebec

After wrapping up Day 2 of the event in Toronto, we hopped in the car and headed to Canada's second largest city - Montreal. And since Montreal is also the second-largest French-speaking city in the world, I was hoping that my years spent studying French in high school would prove to be useful.

No such luck. As it turns out, "if you don't use it, you lose it."

The event in Montreal was similar to event in Toronto, just with a lot more French being spoken. But in all seriousness, Go Global produced a spectacular turn-out and we enjoyed interacting with each person that took the time to stop by our table.

Click here to view more photos from Go Global Montreal on our Facebook Page!

One last stop at Schwartz Deli for a Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich and we were off to the airport.


Canada proved to be a gorgeous and incredibly gracious host. Memories of the people, the food, the nightlife, the natural beauty and the smiles of warm-hearted, travel-oriented residents will remain with us as we move forward. This experience already has us looking forward to returning for next years Go Global Expo!





















A Real Sleeping Dragon!
Much <3 Canada

Get in2 China Team

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