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Internship Placement: Courtney (Brisbane, Australia)

Last month we accompanied one of our interns to an interview with a potential internship placement company. We had some time before the scheduled meeting and sat down for a cup of coffee and a last minute briefing.

The Intern:

Courtney is an Australian from Brisbane. She is already well acquainted with the city, as she arrived in Beijing in February to take part in a summer program at Beijing Language and Culture University. That program has just finished, and she is looking for something to do before returning back home for Christmas. She told us that she might come back to China after that, because she wants to learn more Chinese or possibly find a job.

Courtney is interested in communication and public relations and that is what she studied back in Australia. Also the mining industry is something she finds fascinating. She hopes to learn a lot and to have a mentor to guide and teach her during her internship. She felt a bit nervous before the interview, but was looking forward to meeting the chairman and owner of the company, who is also from Australia.

Courtney told us that she found Get in2 China from the internet and decided to give us a chance to help her find a great internship.

The Company:

ET Group International Pty. Ltd. (ETG) is a multi-national corporation encompassing consulting, financial services and investments as well as international training. ETG is based in Canberra, Beijing, Nanjing, Shenzhen and Hubei with over 100 employees. Since its foundation in the 1990s, ETG has been committed to national and international projects and has been renowned for its professionalism and good services. An example is the Three Georges Resettlement BT Project worth more than 20 million USD fully funded by ETG. During that project they learned not only how to handle large sums of investments but also how to deal with local minority groups such as Tujia and Miao in Badong County Hubei Province.

ET Group’s success relies on ready access to key major decision makers in Australia and China, and ability to tap into local resources. ETG’s capabilities are bolstered by its access to a large body of experienced and highly qualified specialists in the Asia Pacific region. A network of allied institutions and professionals also work in active partnership with ETG in the delivery of its programs.

Courtney with Mr Tan, chairman and owner of ET Group

The Placement:

After a successful interview Courtney was given time to decide if she wants to accept the placement. She had the weekend to make the decision and after thinking over her choices, she started working at the Core of Research Center at the ET Group one week later. She is responsible for researching and getting in touch with ministries, companies and organizations in Australia that might be interested in hosting Chinese groups.

Congratulations on your placement Courtney, we wish you a successful internship!

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