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Intern Update: Sebastian Armstrong (Winchester, UK)

At Get in2 China, we like to keep tabs on the progress and development of our interns. Recently we received a letter regarding the internship completion of Sebastian Armstrong, a Cambridge student who participated in an internship with Beijing TianQing Power International CDM Consulting Co, Ltd.

Follow the link to see Part I of Sebastian's story about his arrival in Beijing - Internship Placements: Sebastian Armstrong (Winchester, UK)

The letter we received is posted below:

Sebastian Armstrong completed his internship in Beijing Tianqing Power International CDM Consulting Co, Ltd. (TQ Power) on August 31th , 2012. The internship lasted for two months. Beijing Tianqing Power is the second largest CDM (carbon credit) consulting companies in the world and the earliest such firm in China. It currently has over 150 projects registered with the Executive Board of UN Framework of Climate Change Commission, which account for 10% of China’s total registered CDM projects.

During the internship, Sebastian:

  •     Learnt relevant knowledge of CDM,

  •     Conducted researches on major Methodologies,

  •     Compiled Project Design Documents (PDDs) and Monitoring Reports (MRs).

  •     Participated and accomplished multiple renewable energy market research tasks

In order to test how well he mastered the above knowledge, TQ Power held two examinations, in which he performed excellently and scored impressively. This result has been approved by numbers of senior consultants and department directors of TQ Power. His performance shows that he was able to master the CDM knowledge and establish an overview of CDM industry in a very short time.

In addition, Sebastian Armstrong adopted his leisure time to arrange English lessons for TQ Power colleagues. He demonstrated British culture, history, literature and social hot spot topics to the class attendees by using multiple media, such as presentations, documents, and videos. By applying the above teaching methods, attendees of the class found his lessons quite informative and inspiring.

Besides learning CDM, Sebastian Armstrong also spent a considerable time studying Chinese. Within a few months, his Chinese has gained great progress. He left a deep impression on his Chinese colleagues by using Chinese language to communicate with them on a daily basis.

Through the internship, I am impressed by Sebastian Armstrong’s excellent ability to learn new things and accomplish challenging working
tasks. What is more, he performs very well during team work and group collaboration. His personality is positive and inspiring, which brings joy to the people with whom he worked.

His outstanding test result shows he has mastered basic knowledge of CDM and developed his own perspective regarding carbon market. I sincerely
hope he will keep on optimizing his great learning skill to promote himself during his future career, and if it is possible to deepen his involvement in carbon emission reduction business since he has great potential to achieve a lot in this industry.

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