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Beijing - Live Active!

So, you have finally decided to come to Beijing for an internship? Great decision. First, because an internship in one of the world’s most vibrant cities will be a great contribution to your future. Second, because Beijing is the city to be if you are a young, energetic, open-minded and adventurous person.

Beijing has been China’s capital city for nearly 600 years. At present, with a population of roughly 20 million people, it is one of the fastest-growing, and most densely populated cities in the world. In addition, since China began opening its doors to the outside world, Beijing has turned into an international hub and popular tourist destination.

At the same time, China's continuous economic growth has had a significant influence on the development of the city's infrastructure and overall standard of living. Presently, China's capital is a very comfortable city to live in. Though only a small percentage of people speak English, expatriates here can easily find all they want or need: foreign and local supermarkets, restaurants offering cuisine from all around the world, international schools and kindergartens, English bookshops, fitness clubs and others. A large community of English-speaking people from all over the world has further made it easier for foreigners to live in Beijing by running directory projects and issuing English-language entertainment magazines.

Beijing is a very active city and activities here are numerous - from cultural events to parties, from hiking tours to book discussions. That is why Get in2 China has found its main office in this city - to allow our interns the opportunity to enjoy their time in Beijing as much as possible!

Find out more on Getin2China’s Internship Program page and apply directly through our website.
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