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Gi2C Testimonial: Peter Wall (London, UK)

As a leading provider of China internship placements, Gi2C takes great pride in connecting students and graduates from all over the world with valuable work and learning experiences in some of China’s most attractive industries. Over the past six years we have placed more than 2,800 interns across a wide range of internships in Beijing and Shanghai.

We continually tell our interns that to be successful in their internship placement, they must approach their position with an open-mind and a willingness to learn. In addition, we cannot stress enough the importance of proactively developing your personal and professional network during your time in China.

This advice is featured a previous post titled, Intern Advice: 7 Tips For A Successful Internship In China.

At Gi2C, we also understand that it is important to practice what you preach. As such, we have made it a priority to reach out to individuals who have successfully completed their China internship placement in an effort to not only learn from their experience, but also to bolster our personal and professional relationships with former interns.

For our own benefit - and also for the benefit of all of you potential interns - we will begin to periodically post previous intern testimonials on our new blog and website.

The following testimonial is from Peter Wall, a former intern who is now back in London after interning in Beijing.


For reference:

Gi2C = Getin2China

PW = Peter Wall


Please respond to the following questions concerning your internship placement in Beijing, China:

Gi2C: What industry did you choose for your internship? Why did you choose this industry?

PW: I worked for a technology company that made LED lights, I did not chose this industry but found it interesting.

Gi2C: What company did you intern with in China?  Please provide some details about your position.

PW: Brightcast – my role was to tidy up and reformat the English page of the website (and for some reason the French and Spanish pages even though I have only basic ability in  both) I also helped with some business development such as contacting sales agents and so on

Gi2C: What was the most challenging part about your time in China?

PW: The culture is very different in a work environment, information is hard to get hold of and you need to build consensus a lot

Gi2C: Did you participate in any of our Mandarin Chinese language programs?  If so, did you find the program worthwhile?

PW: I found it worthwhile but I did not give it 100% which is a shame.

Gi2C: What was the biggest benefit of your internship in China, both personally and professionally?

PW: The business networks I made and a chance to understand Chinese business culture

Gi2C: Did you face any intercultural obstacles (i.e. communication issues or misunderstandings) at the workplace during your internship?

PW: Some misunderstandings but these are mainly around cultural misunderstanding, not language

Gi2C: How would you rate the support provided by Getin2China during your stay in Beijing?

PW: Yes, it was good. I never needed too much but your team were always there if needed

Gi2C: Has your experience in China directly led to any career opportunities for you? If so, elaborate.

PW: I am setting up a Chinese focused business but this was the case before I went

Gi2C: Give your impression of Beijing as a city.  How does it compare to your hometown?

PW: It’s less cosmopolitan and global than London but is an amazing city to experience and you feel you are in the middle of some special and exciting. I really like the Hutong areas.

Gi2C: What, if anything, would you change about your internship experience with Getin2China?

PW: I really wanted to go to some business lectures which were promoted on your website but when I got there these were not running which was a big disappointment.

Gi2C: Would you recommend an internship placement through Getin2China to any of your friends?

PW: Yes, the staff was very helpful

Gi2C: Based on your experience, what does it take to succeed in an internship abroad? Which personality traits do you find most important for someone who is researching this opportunity to possess?

PW: Flexible, ability to think that the western approach to business is not the only one and that the Chinese need to learn how westerners do things, need to see the quality in Chinese business culture.
Gi2C: Thank you for your time Peter. Enjoy this summer's Olympic Games as you are back in London!

Keep up with our new blog and website to see more testimonials posted in the coming weeks!

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