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Internship Placements: Abdu & Omar (Saudi Arabia)

Even though Shanghai is considered China's financial center, there are still plenty of business and finance internship opportunities in Beijing.  China's economy continues to grow at a lightning fast pace, attracting investment from all corners of the globe.

The two gentlemen pictured above, Abdu and Omar, understand the importance of gaining a sound understanding of China's business environment and have decided to participate in a one-month internship at an International Accounting Firm in Beijing.

As first year Accounting students at their respective Universities in Toronto and London, Abdu and Omar are hoping to set themselves apart from their fellow classmates and gain a significant advantage in the job hunt by participating in this summer internship with Willsonn Partners.

With locations in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou - as well as liaison offices in Chengdu, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore - Willsonn Partners (WSP) is a multi-disciplinary consulting and Certified Public Accounting Firm.

WSP's multi-disciplinary approach focuses on providing companies with the following services:

  • Audit & Accounting

  • System & Assurance

  • Tax Advisory

  • Corporate Registration and Incorporation

  • HR Consulting & Payroll Outsourcing

Having only been in China for a total of 4 days leading up to their internship placement, Abdu and Omar were still learning the ropes, trying to make sense of the chaos and confusion that typifies a mega-city like Beijing.  They were very grateful after I provided them with the phone number for the English speaking operator of McDonald's 24 hour delivery service.  In a place as different and overwhelming as Beijing, it is not uncommon for new interns to find comfort in the familiarity of those Golden Arches.

The two of them were both nice guys who loved to smile and joke around.  But when we reached the office for their introduction, Abdu and Omar turned on the professionalism.  Our company contact was impressed with how polite and professional the two of them were and she hoped to get them working on meaningful assignments immediately.

If you are interested in learning more about Abdu and Omar's progress with WSP – or any other Intern Updates – check back into the Get in2 China blog in just a few short weeks for more photos and insights.  Also, for more information about our Internship Placement Programs and Available Internships, be sure to visit our website to get the most up-to-date information.

WSP is just one of the many great partners that we at Get in2 China work closely with.  Anyone remotely interested in business internships in China, especially in the Finance and Accounting sector, I urge you to visit gi2c.org and start propelling your career prospects with one of our internship programs in Beijing.
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