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How Getin2China (Gi2C) Helped Me Learn Chinese

When I was in school, I kept hearing about how important China was, and how that economy was going to grow and grow, and perhaps even eclipse the economy of the United States. I figured that I had better learn the language, so I could stay competitive in the business world. I took a few Mandarin Chinese language classes in my school, but to be honest, I wasn't learning as quickly as I thought I should. I had no opportunity to practice outside of the classroom, and I just felt like the lessons didn't stick.

One night, I was browsing the Internet, looking for tutors, books or anything that might give me a little bit of help. I started seeing references to www.Gi2C.org. Other students kept talking about the Mandarin Chinese language program; how much they learned and how much fun they had while they were studying.

I don't like to jump into things. I am a sort of look-before-you-leap guy. So I started asking a lot of questions about how the program worked, how they trained their teachers, how much the program cost and what was included. I must have asked hundreds of questions, and I think the Getin2China operators must have known me by name by the time I was done. But they answered all of my questions, and before I knew it, I was on a plane to Beijing.

Getin2China (Gi2C) set me up in a class with seven other students, and we all studied together every day. Our classroom was cozy and bright; very different from the gloomy classroom I was anticipating. Our teacher was just amazing, and I can't believe how easy it was to pick up the concepts. I had one-on-one attention, and so many opportunities to practice. Often, we did sightseeing trips, where we got to see amazing works of art and eat incredible food, all while practicing the language. We will still learning, but we were having so much fun and it just didn't seem like work.

Learning the language is so much easier when you're surrounded by people speaking that language each and every day. I found myself even dreaming in Chinese, which I never thought would happen.

I am so thankful for Getin2China. I don't think I could have learned Mandarin Chinese without the company's help. Knowing Chinese really does help me stand out when I apply for jobs, and I know it will help me in my career. See for yourself at www.Gi2C.org.
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