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What We Offer: Internships/Chinese Language Program

When it comes to a China internship, nobody does it better than Get in2 China. The reason why we offer some of the best internships around, is because we give our interns the tools and training that they need in order to succeed and have a wonderful experience. Instead of just throwing an intern into a job placement cold turkey, we offer a Chinese language program in order to help them know the basics of the language. This Chinese language program is heralded by those who have used our internship program as they feel much more comfortable using the language in everyday situations.
Our Chinese language program is extremely in depth as we give every single person who enters the program a placement test. This test is designed to help us see the knowledge that you have or are lacking when it comes to learning a complex language such as Mandarin Chinese. You will then be placed into groups of 3 to 5 people and have your own Mandarin tutor. This small class size will allow you to learn the language quickly while being able to work one on one with the teacher to get the best results possible. These groups not only have mandatory language training throughout the week, but they set up social events, parties, and other types of real life situations to help you learn the language to be able to coast through these situations problem free. These real life situations help you to learn useful language that you can actually use to feel confident while living in China.

Once you complete the language courses and pass the tests, you will be better prepared for the internships that Get in2 China can help you with. After taking these language courses, you will have the confidence you need to be able to accept a business internship at the top companies that Beijing has to offer. This means that you will be able to have a much better experience as you will be able to communicate better and learn the ways that things are done within the Chinese business culture.

Our internships range from business internships to charity internships where you can do things to help out people who are less fortunate. Many people in our charity internships teach English and also help people in severe poverty. No matter what type of internship that you choose, you will be able to feel like you are making a difference in your own life by being integrated into the Chinese culture and being able to speak the language.

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